This Morning fans gobsmacked after discovering Craig Doyle’s real age and Holly age gap

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This Morning fans have been pleasantly surprised by the delightful age gap between the charming new host, Craig Doyle, and the beloved Holly Willoughby, who is 42 years old. Craig, an Irish presenter, has been filling in for Holly this week following the departure of the previous host, Phillip Schofield. Viewers have been absolutely thrilled with the new pairing and took to Twitter to express their hopes that Craig will become a permanent fixture on the show.


Despite Craig’s extensive experience working for ITV and This Morning, many viewers were unaware of his age and couldn’t help but express their shock when he revealed that he is 52 years old during today’s (Thursday) show. Social media was buzzing with reactions as fans exclaimed their disbelief. One viewer jokingly exclaimed, “WHAAAAAT?! Craig Doyle is 52?!” Another playfully grumbled, “Omg are u serious. That can’t be true. Why are all the men I like in my mum’s age bracket?” It was evident that Craig’s youthful appearance had deceived many, as another viewer wrote, “Yeah, he never seems to age much. Still looks about 30. I can’t believe Craig Doyle is 52!”


The audience was captivated by Craig’s charisma and good looks, with one viewer simply stating, “I’m happy with the Craig Doyle eye candy on my screen.” Craig’s short stint as the host of This Morning has already won over fans, who believe he is the “perfect fit” to replace Phillip Schofield. Following Phillip’s departure from the show and ITV after 21 years due to admitting to an affair, Holly Willoughby made her much-awaited return to the beloved daytime show earlier this week.

While she was initially joined by Josie Gibson, viewers felt an even better chemistry between Holly and Craig, who usually presents alongside Josie. Fans flooded social media with praises for the new duo, expressing their desire to see more of Craig on the show. One viewer emphatically stated, “ABSOLUTELY should keep Craig on This Morning permanently! He is the perfect fit with Holly!” Another fan echoed this sentiment, saying, “If anyone could save TM, I think it’s Craig. Very good presenter and works better with Holly than a female presenter.” The warm and calm presence of Craig Doyle has left a positive impact on the audience, with viewers expressing their contentment and even suggesting that Craig become a permanent part of the This Morning team.


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