Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler from the Year 5000 Claims to Have Photographic Evidence of Apocalyptic Future

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In a resurfaced interview with ApexTV, a man known as Edward, who claims to be a time traveler from the year 5000, has made startling assertions about an apocalyptic future. With his face pixelated and voice distorted to protect his identity, Edward shared his alleged experiences and the photographic evidence he claims to have brought back from his journey through time.


According to Edward, his extraordinary adventure began back in 2004 when he was working in a Los Angeles laboratory. He claimed that he was assigned the task of participating in a time travel experiment, which involved transporting him 3,000 years into the future. The purpose of this mission, he said, was to capture photographs of what he witnessed in the distant future.

Edward described his arrival in the year 5000 as an unbelievable experience. He found himself standing on a massive wooden platform, surrounded by houses and buildings constructed entirely from wood. To his astonishment, he realized that he was in the same city, Los Angeles, but it was now submerged underwater.


During his time in the future, Edward claimed to have encountered a mysterious man who provided him with an explanation for the apocalyptic flood. According to this unknown individual, the catastrophic event was a direct result of global warming. As the polar ice caps melted, sea levels rose, and the world found itself engulfed by water.

The mystery man further elaborated on the cause of the flood, attributing it to an excessive quantity of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. Over time, this buildup of greenhouse gases had gradually destroyed the planet’s natural shield zone, leading to the devastating consequences witnessed by Edward.

As the interview with Edward circulated online, it was met with a mix of skepticism and amusement. Many viewers took to the comments section to express their doubts about the authenticity of Edward’s claims. One humorous remark suggested that in the future, people had not yet figured out how to get to the point, while another jokingly lamented the loss of 18 minutes of their life spent watching the video.


Edward’s story is not the first time that extraordinary claims of time travel have surfaced on social media platforms. Another alleged time traveler, known as @futuretimetraveller on TikTok, claims to be from the year 2491 and has been sharing videos about extraterrestrial beings and their supposed plans to wage war against humans.

The concept of time travel has long captivated the human imagination, with countless books, movies, and television shows exploring the possibilities and paradoxes of traversing through time. However, the scientific reality of time travel remains a topic of ongoing research and speculation.


NASA, the leading space agency, has stated that while the mathematics of time travel does have practical applications in technologies such as GPS satellites, the kind of time travel depicted in science fiction is currently beyond our reach. Traveling hundreds of years into the past or future, as claimed by individuals like Edward, remains firmly in the realm of imagination.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence supporting Edward’s claims, his story has reignited discussions about the potential consequences of climate change and the importance of addressing this pressing issue. Rising sea levels and the melting of polar ice caps are genuine concerns that scientists have been warning about for decades.

The fascination with time travel stories like Edward’s may stem from a desire for escapism and a glimpse into a possible future. However, it is crucial to approach such claims with a critical mindset and to rely on evidence-based science when considering the challenges facing our planet.


The spread of unverified claims on platforms like YouTube and TikTok highlights the importance of media literacy and the responsibility of these platforms in combating misinformation. It is essential for individuals to develop the skills necessary to distinguish between credible sources and sensationalized stories.

In conclusion, while the claims made by the self-proclaimed time traveler Edward may be entertaining to some, they should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism. Instead of getting lost in the allure of time travel fantasies, it is crucial to focus on the real-world issues that demand our attention, such as climate change and the preservation of our planet for future generations. By relying on scientific evidence and taking action based on facts, we can work towards a more sustainable and secure future for all.


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