The Great Car Wash Brainteaser: Can You Spot the Pound Sign in 9 Seconds?

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Brainteasers and puzzles are excellent tools for exercising the mind and pushing it to its limits. These challenges come in various forms, each designed to stimulate different aspects of cognitive function. The car wash brainteaser, created by Motorpoint, is one such challenge that tests your powers of observation and ability to spot a hidden detail within a given time limit.


There are three main categories of brainteasers: observational, analytical, and mathematical. Observational brainteasers, like the car wash challenge, require you to identify anomalies or specific elements within an image. Analytical brainteasers, on the other hand, present you with a riddle to solve, while mathematical brainteasers involve solving a maths-based problem. Each type of brainteaser offers a unique way to engage and challenge your brain.

The car wash brainteaser features an image filled with rows of cars being washed. Hidden among these vehicles is a single pound sign, and your task is to locate it within a mere 9 seconds. This time limit adds an extra layer of difficulty, requiring you to be swift and precise in your visual search.


To solve this brainteaser, you’ll need to employ effective scanning techniques. Start by examining the image methodically from left to right and top to bottom. Pay close attention to the details on each car, as the pound sign may be subtly incorporated into the design. Keep your eyes peeled for any irregularities or patterns that break the uniformity of the car wash scene.

Interestingly, the timing of this brainteaser coincides with the change of seasons in the UK. As winter gives way to spring, Motorpoint has created this challenge to mark the transition and encourage drivers to consider the benefits of washing their cars at home. According to their research, drivers could save up to £210 by opting for a DIY car wash approach.

Ben Custard, Motorpoint’s cleaning expert, emphasizes the importance of treating your car’s cleanliness with the same level of attention as your home. He suggests setting aside dedicated time to keep your vehicle looking its best. While professional car cleaning services are available, Custard recommends washing your car at home to save money and maintain control over the products and techniques used. By taking a proactive approach to car maintenance, you can prevent costly damage caused by neglected issues like wet leaves and bird droppings.


To keep your car in top condition, Custard advises cleaning the exterior every two weeks. This regular cleaning schedule helps address any potential problems before they escalate. When it comes to the interior, he suggests removing rubbish and wiping down surfaces as soon as possible. For more thorough tasks like hoovering, once a month should suffice, unless your car is prone to getting particularly dirty.

The car wash brainteaser is designed to be challenging, with some individuals taking up to a minute to locate the hidden pound sign. However, those with sharp eyesight and quick thinking may be able to spot it within the 9-second target. The key to success lies in your ability to focus, observe, and process visual information efficiently.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to put your observation skills to the test. Can you rise to the challenge and find the pound sign among the sea of cars in under 9 seconds? Take a moment to study the image carefully, and see if you can beat the clock. Remember, the faster you can locate the hidden symbol, the sharper your visual acuity and mental agility.


Brainteasers like the car wash challenge offer a fun and engaging way to exercise your mind and keep your cognitive skills sharp. By incorporating a variety of brainteasers into your routine, you can continually challenge and improve your mental prowess. Furthermore, the car wash theme serves as a reminder of the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, both for the sake of your car’s appearance and your wallet. So, keep your eyes peeled, your mind active, and your car clean – you never know what hidden challenges and opportunities await you.


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