Nicolas Cage explains why he isn’t experiencing superhero fatigue: ‘It’s not really what I’m consuming’

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Hollywood is feeling concerned about a possible case of “superhero fatigue” after the creative and financial disappointments of recent superhero movies such as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Renowned director James Gunn, who has worked for both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros., has admitted that the problem is very real. He believes that watching superheroes merely battling without a proper story could become fatiguing, no matter how clever the special effects.


Nevertheless, there are still some superheroes who are feeling excited about the genre. Nicolas Cage, who stars in the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield, has expressed his enthusiasm for superhero movies, having grown up reading Marvel Comics, but he doesn’t consume these movies anymore. Cage believes that audiences might be looking for something different and fresh.

Renfield, which features comic book elements among its Gothic horror, Italian giallo gorefests and Universal monster movies, gives audiences something new. Nicholas Hoult, who plays R.M. Renfield in the movie, states that the film offers a new twist on a classic story, which is fun to explore. The producer, Robert Kirkman, also does not believe that audiences are tired of superheroes as a film genre.


He thinks that superheroes have established themselves as a beloved genre of their own, with their own levels of success. They provide audiences with spectacle and excitement, which they crave. Nevertheless, he also thinks that movies need to offer something unusual, new and exciting to the audience. Chris McKay, the director of Renfield, agrees with Kirkman and thinks that superheroes have been a part of our culture since the ’30s, and will continue to evolve and change as audiences and tastes change.

Ben Schwartz, who stars alongside Nicolas Cage in Renfield, admits his love for comic book movies, and states that he would love to play Plastic Man or take on a role in the DC Universe, particularly with James Gunn in charge. Schwartz is excited about Renfield’s blend of superhero and horror genres and thinks that this blend is a risk that could potentially pay off.


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