Carol Vorderman slams ‘disgusting’ and ‘robbing’ Boris Johnson as he resigns as MP

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Renowned TV personality and political enthusiast, Carol Vorderman, shared her reaction to Boris Johnson’s decision to step down as an MP. Vorderman, who recently unveiled her own political project, expressed her disappointment with Johnson’s resignation. She suggested that the Privileges Committee’s intention to remove him from office led to his abrupt departure from politics. In a tweet to her followers, Vorderman referred to Johnson as a “disgusting piece of robbing gaslighting [redacted],” highlighting her strong disapproval of his actions.


Johnson, who currently stars on Celebrity Gogglebox, announced his resignation shortly before the Privileges Committee published its report on his misleading statements regarding Partygate. The former prime minister expressed his bewilderment and dismay at being forced out of his position. Facing the possibility of suspension and a by-election, Johnson chose to resign from his role as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.


Fans of Vorderman commended her candid tweets, with many agreeing with her sentiments. One follower concurred with her views, while another even suggested that she should consider entering politics herself, hinting at the availability of vacant seats.

In his official statement, Johnson defended himself, stating that he had taken his responsibilities seriously during his tenure as an MP since 2001. He denied any wrongdoing and believed that the committee had disregarded the truth in their pursuit to find him guilty. Johnson labeled the proceedings a “kangaroo court” and criticized the committee members for expressing prejudicial remarks before examining the evidence. He expressed regret for having faith in a system that, in his opinion, failed to be fair or useful.


With Johnson’s resignation, a hotly contested by-election will determine his successor in North West London. The departure of such a prominent figure in British politics has undoubtedly sparked interest and speculation among potential candidates.

Overall, Carol Vorderman’s passionate response to Boris Johnson’s resignation resonated with her followers, who appreciated her candidness and expressed their support. The subsequent by-election will undoubtedly be closely watched as the political landscape continues to evolve.


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