Three men from Ireland, Scotland, and England encounter an obstacle at the gates…

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On a particular day, St. Peter took a break from his duties, leaving St. Patrick in charge of the celestial gates of Heaven.

After a brief period, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and an Englishman approach the gates and are halted by St. Patrick. He addresses them, saying,

“Apologies, but it’s quite crowded here. Each of you must correctly answer a question, or you won’t be able to enter Heaven.”


St. Patrick focuses on the Irishman and inquires, “What was the title of the renowned ocean liner that foundered after colliding with an iceberg on its inaugural voyage?”

The Irishman promptly responds, “That’s an easy one. The Titanic.”

With that, St. Patrick warmly welcomes him into Heaven.


Next, he directs his question to the Scotsman, asking, “How many individuals perished on that vessel?”

The Scotsman ponders and replies, “Well, that’s a challenging one, but I watched the movie, and if memory serves, it was 1,500.”

Satisfied, St. Patrick steps aside, allowing the Scotsman to enter Heaven.


Lastly, St. Patrick addresses the Englishman and remarks,

“Name them.”


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