20 Smart Cleaning tips to make your house sparkle

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Posted September 25, 2020 by: Admin #Decoration


House cleaning doesn’t seem like the most entertaining activity you can do. I’m sure you’d prefer reading a book with a cup of tea, spending time with your family or friends, taking a walk, enjoying a drink on the balcony, and much more. Other than that, sometimes, cleaning can be very expensive, especially if we want to have the most effective products, so we can get better results and quick results.

Don’t worry here are some lifesaving cleaning tips that will make your life easier and keep your interior always clean and pleasant.



Using vodka 

Cleaning a mattress is always a misery, but no worries it’s possible to disinfect it easily now.


You had a fun party last night? Grab your leftover vodka, pour it in a spray bottle, and spray it on your mattress, it will disinfect and clean it.

Refresh your Tupperware…


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